Captain Sicarius finally done!
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Thread: Captain Sicarius finally done!

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    Default Captain Sicarius finally done!

    Hey guys!
    Been at this one for a while!

    Let me know what you think, (i'm trying to go for my first 7! i want to break out of the 6 world!!!!!!)

    Voting here

    CC welcome!

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    Well with 6 votes you've achieved a 7 rating, but I have to say that those are awful pictures.

    Some things which standout becasue of the pictures;
    Its painted very dark, perhaps too dark.
    The highlighting in places doesn't look right, The most obvious place that catches my eye is the red on the bottom left of the back banner.
    But the most difficult thing is the fact that you've placed him on a serious angle and the fall of the Cloak, Back banner and the Terminator Award are so far away from vertical as to throw the balance off the mini off. In order to have the cloak etc flowing away at the angle you've left it, the wind would be so strong that the current vertical side of the cloak would be wrapped around the leg and likewise the banner on the back pole.
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    Hey, thank you Dragonsreach .

    I'm actually goign to take him down, i just realized some of the photos have cuts in them that photoshop must have removed! (doh)
    But i agree with all the things you said. I did try to paint the model dark (perhaps the lightning made it seem darker and a little fuzzy.) and the base was just atrocious (maybe i'll redo it?)
    Yes i think i shall fix all that stuff up.

    Thank you once again!

    Cheers, Gary.

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    Fix it and repost it...I wantsta see!

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