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    So I finally got around to trying to put some pictures up but after loading it the pics show up in "my pictures" with a title status "waiting". Not sure what this means but when I try to open my gallery there is nothing there. Is this just a matter of a moderator approves pics first or did I do something wrong?

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    Yes, moderators have to approve the pics first and it seems that things are a little slow the past day or so ... I'm guessing it has to do w/ all the work to get ready for accepting pics for the next CMON annual ... but that's complete guesswork on my part.

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    Yea, your pics will be in the queue waiting for approval from the mods. It dosent take long, usually someone will approve every 24 hours or so (sometimes more frequent, sometimes less, although as sivousplay suggested they seem to be quite busy these days with something or other)

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