Hi Gang!

The FLGS has a very thick stack of Heavy Gear books for sale, and they're all in Very Good or Like New condition. Books are $10 USD each, and if anyone wants some I'd be more than happy to pick them up and ship them to you. (Sales tax is 8.75%) Shoot me a PM or email me at kew_2 at juno dot com with a list of what you want. I'll pick 'em up and get you a shipping total.

PLEASE, if you start the process, FINISH IT. Don't leave me hanging with $50 USD of books I don't want myself!

Books as follows:

002 Life on Terra Nova
004 Terranovan Technology
005 (x2) Duelist's Handbook
008 Tactical Air Support
009 Field Guide: Northern Vehicles 1
010 Field Guide: Southern Vehicles 1
012 Field Guide: Northern Vehicles 2
013 Field Guide: Southern Vehicles 2
016 Tactical Field Support
018 Into the Badlands
021 (x2) Character Compendium
024 Southern Republic Army List
025 Northern Vehicle Compendium One
026 Southern Vehicle Compendium One
027 (x2) Northern Record Sheets One
028 (x2) Southern Record Sheets
030 Northern Lights
031 Land of the Snakes
032 Humanist Alliance Leaguebook
035 The New Breed
036 Mekong Dominion
038 Northern Vehicle Compendium Two
039 Southern Vehicle Compendium Two
040 The Paxton Gambit
046 Northern Guard Army List
047 Life on Caprice
048 Southern MILICIA Army List
050 Tactical Pack One: Battle of Two Towers
051 United Mercantile Federation
052 Western Frontier Protectorate
053 Eastern Sun Emirates
054 Tactical Pack Two: Shadow War
059 Black Talon Field Guide
060 Tactical Space Support
061 Equipment Catalogue
063 Caprice Corporate Sourcebook
064 Caprice Liberati Sourcebook
066 (x2) Spaceship Compendium
102 Life on Terra Nova (2nd edition)
103 GameMaster's Guide
104 Technical Manual
105 Duelist's Handbook (2nd edition)
107 Raids & Raiders
108 Tactical Dueling Supplement

ISG-01 New Era
ISG-06 Operation Jungle Drums