RGM Review: Miniature Mentor's Advanced Tutorials One
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Thread: RGM Review: Miniature Mentor's Advanced Tutorials One

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    Default RGM Review: Miniature Mentor's Advanced Tutorials One

    We talk about one of the video tutorials available from Miniature Mentor.

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    Good review Hinton. I have it and have watched black and white cloth so far. Great value can be had from the subscription, the only problem there is content is released infrequently. However a subscription allows you to download all the tutorials you like and there are plenty there that provide really good value. They are well filmed, the narrator can be annoying sometimes, it bugs me when sometimes he might criticise something and the artist is not even finished working the piece in question. But I guess it also adds a degree of humour waiting for him to put his foot in it. Technical support is top notch I'd like to add. In my experience all my questions were dealt with same day and resolved. Mini Mentor gets my thumbs up and I will be renewing my subscription soon. I am also waiting for the Kraken Editions dvd. Now I just need to absorb and improve my painting......


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    Thanks, dfb!

    I had thought about subscribing, but, as you mentioned, the updates are a bit sporadic. Not sure about anyone else, but I wouldn't want to shell out that kind of money on a "maybe" situation.

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    Very good review. Honest and to the point.

    But...In my typical supervike way, I'm going to hijack this thread and ask about your painting shelves behind you. Did you build all those? I really like the way it organizes your stuff, but doesn't hide it away, Especially right around your painting area.

    Any way you can take pics of that whole area so I can steal...er I mean get inspired by it?

    Post them here, or email them to me if you'd like! supervikeATyahooDOTcom

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    Good to know! Never usually go in for tutorials and stuff. I generally tend to f**k about with things till they work...Or I throw all my toys out the pram.

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    @vike: I built them.

    Here's a photo I took when it was pretty much bare:

    @TBS: That's definitely one way to go.

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    Thanks! That helps a ton. Are those 1x6" boards?

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    Good review, and I like your set up as well, very similar to mine, but less rickety and more secure.... I lost a Bloodthirster to the cement floor yesterday due to 8 years of shelf support sag and a clumsy elbow. Its time for a re-build I think.
    Working on my ogre army: Tyrant, 25 bulls/guts; 40 knoblars, 40 "Night Knoblins"; 2 yhetees, 1 gorger, and a scraplauncher left to paint!

    Oh, and a Giant needing a 4 layer strip, and then proper paint.

    WIP thread coming soon to spawn some motivation...

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    Quote Originally Posted by supervike View Post
    Thanks! That helps a ton. Are those 1x6" boards?
    Yep; 1x6's.

    @bsop: Thanks! And yeah, it's pretty steady. So far, anyway.

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    Cool Good Stuff!!

    So far I really like all of your video reviews. Good work, keep it up.
    I have been wondering about the Miniature mentor tutorials and the JBT video as well.
    Too bad I can't seem to find the JBT video anywhere. Man could you do a review on the Miniature painting secrets with Natalya, joking on that one btw.
    Thanks for all the hard work

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    Had thought about reviewing the Natalya tutorial, but at that price it's going to be awhile before I can get it.

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