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Thread: CoolMiniOrNot Annual 2009 Reminder

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    Do you send confirmation about uploaded images?

    P.S. Sorry for bad English

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    If your images appear in your upload area after uploading then all is well. We may not use all images due to space constraints or quality issues but we'll try to include as many as possible.
    I like it firm and fruity!

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    I'm sorry, I do not understand.

    Today I received an email from [email protected]
    The subject of the email was: New CMON Annual 2010
    Why he named the mail: " New cmon Annual 2010 "??? and within it all relates to Annual 2009!
    He ask of me the pictures of models that I have provided for the 2009 yearbook!
    I'm really confused :P
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    Late entry here also, just E-mailed my pictures in, hope they're not too late I got an E-mail on the 17th notifying me I was invited, then looked back and saw I had one from September as well. I think in the future E-mails should say something to the effect of "You're invited, submissions due by ____!" in the subject line, so people don't think it's just an offer for a magazine being E-mailed out without clicking to read the contents.

    Otherwise, thank you so much for the invitation and I hope I made it in time!

    - Terraformer

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    Is there any news for Cmon Annual 2009?
    Have you already set a release date?
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    Well, allegedly the books are somewhere in the US, we're hoping to get them by Friday.
    I like it firm and fruity!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chern Ann View Post
    Well, allegedly the books are somewhere in the US, we're hoping to get them by Friday.
    WOW! It.s fantastic!!!
    Thanks for this nice news!
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    Any preview like last year, Chern?
    Quote Originally Posted by uberdark View Post
    your my boogaboo. thanks suki.

    Granite City Waaagh! Fest!
    The Big Mek Manual

    bullets left and I'm comin' for ya!

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    It's here.....
    I like it firm and fruity!

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    So when is it going in the store?

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    Yes, I found that out when I logged into the store after reading your post, Chern Ann. I think I'm the first order for the manual ! Although I certainly didn't plan on that - I just wanted to take that last Ultraforge Dragon off your hands.

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    Looks great! Can't wait to get my hands on a copy. I'm assuming you'll have them for sale at Adepticon?


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    Absolutely, see you there!
    I like it firm and fruity!

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    Ordered mine and am really looking forward to looking through its pages of eye candy.

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    I have just ordered it
    I look forward to having him in my hands!
    Pag. 60 and 108 are mine
    And 2010 when??
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    Got mine yesterday. Postmen woke me up at 8 am. Looks great.

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    I bought both today.
    Didn't realize they were even made until I got the promo email!

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