Hey gang!

I've got:

2 Justicars
6 GKs with Halberd/Storm Bolter
2 GKs with Incinerators
1 GK Terminator with Power Sword/Storm Bolter (plus extra shoulder shields on-sprue)

They're all never-been-painted, attached to bases, and backpacks are included.

Retail is $120, I'm asking $85 USD for the lot (sorry, can't break 'em up.) I'm offering shipping discounts as well: shipping to the ConUS will be $3, and overseas will be $5~8 depending on location. I can take checks, money orders, and non-credit/debit PayPal.

EMAIL me if you're interested, at kew_2 at juno dot com. Also, be sure to take a look at my other sale thread in case you haven't already. =]