Well, after almost 3 years of giving eBay the finger, I've fallen off the wagon and listed a boatload of stuff there. A huge thanks to those who've bought things from my ads here on the boards; you've helped me avoid the inevitable for quite a long time!

Auction Link

I've got 63 different listings: some PC games and an ethernet card, but mostly wargaming stuff. Highlights include

Skaven Vermin Lord
Autographed ReaperCon 2010 Sophie: 1 biker, 1 Convention Sophie kneeling by gravestone, and 1 Urban Legend (nude) Con Sophie
Space Marines (tac troopers, Dreadnought, Blood Angels stuff, etc)
Lots of Battletech books and minis
Chaos Marines
Rogue Trader characters
Model aircraft
Old-style Harlequins (MANY)
a few painted things

Take a look and bid on stuff!!