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    Undead Monster forthcoming in 2011... A Promo Kit has been cast for our first full release undead monster, there's a limited run of 25 of these Promo Kits available on eBay
    Link: http://shop.ebay.co.uk/dark-art-studios/m.html

    The full release of this kit will feature additional heads another body/legs and arms with a couple of weapons and maybe a few extras to customize the mini/base...

    Dark-Art-Studios have been painting/converting miniatures for a long time and the next logical step was to create some of are own... I have design this first kit Undead monster so its modeller/painter friendly I wanted it to be a joy to put together and paint.

    - Byron

    Vengeance Miniatures is forthcoming in 2011. We have some big releases in store...

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