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Thread: Looking for Virago from Ilyad Games

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    Default Looking for Virago from Ilyad Games

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a Virago, from Ilyad Games, painted or not. Anyone willing to sell pls contact me and tell me a price. Look at the picture below

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    still looking for this minature...

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    Dude...Good luck. I want her too. When Illyad went under, they sold off a lot of these. And everyone i knew horded them. I wish they would come back. It was a good miniature company and Rackham has gone down the tubes.
    Have you tried Barter Town?

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    yes I have tried, but sadly haven't received an answer yet.

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    Default for sale

    hi there, I've got one still in blister which was destined for e-bay, together with the priestest holding wip.

    if you're still in the market for either model, drop me a PM with an offer and I'll list it for you.

    +++ EDIT ++++

    Sorry just received an offer I couldn't refuse, so have sold both models.
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