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Thread: Article: GT 53 Voting OPEN!

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    Default Article: GT 53 Voting OPEN!

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    Wow, great job there. Really like that one. And that must be hell to do. I already have probleme with skin on normal sized minis, can\'t imagine doing it on a giant :|

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    Sweet! You have to post that in the New Submissions Section on the Canadian team site!

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    Thanks and posted

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    Thanks for making me aware of this! Have registered to vote and am just finishing an entry from the mini exchange to enter, although judging by the fantastic submissions so far I don\'t stand a choc ice in hells chance of winning!!!

    Kudos on your Giant Zaphod, I entered one of these big fellas into the UK golden demons this year and made the finals, but the skin seemed to take forever to paint (17 layers excluding glosses!!!) and is still not as good as yours so well done!

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    Thanks a bunch Dave! Yeah entering is fun regardless of winning

    Years ago now, we had issues with the same person winning 2, 3 times in a row LOL but it only makes folks try harder!!!

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    I full day left to get those entries in!

    If anyone knows Jeremie, please tell him his entry is no good as per the admin comment.


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    Balls!!! Have stayed up till half five in the morning finishing my entry and I may not be able to get any pictures up in time, Doh!!!

    Oh well, If I can\'t submit him today then at least he will be ready for next month!

    Will be sure to log on and vote tomorrow eitherway.

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    Sorry for the poor pictures, had to get some shots up today for the Golden toadstool competition and the best I could do without the camera and set up I am used to. Will get him in my Gallery when I get better pics.

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    Outstanding! Those scrolls are fantastic

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    Default Voting OPEN!

    A little delay wating for a write-up but all is good now! Go vote. Comment. Be merry

    Thanks everyone!

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    Even more great stuff than usual! I had a hard time narrowing my votes, and a harder time deciding on the order for my final three. I\'ve commented on several of these elsewhere, so I only wrote comments on those I hadn\'t already in the GT gallery. Good luck everyone!

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    Oh yeah! Another month of both excellent and diverse minis...

    On a side note... I am starting to think that the growth part is going to be unmanageable unless I simply pick one each month myself.

    That may be the key

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    I couldn\'t agree more with Wren about picking the voting order!! I had a more difficult time deciding 2nd and 3rd place from a possible 5 contenders than Giving out my first place vote!!!

    Man I don\'t envy those demon judges!!!!

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    Default Last day to vote!

    The voting will be over tonight...


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    Originally posted by ZaPhOd
    On a side note... I am starting to think that the growth part is going to be unmanageable unless I simply pick one each month myself.
    That may be the key
    That\'s a great idea. And I\'m sure if it went back to a monthly thing a lot of painters who might not enter because they think the standard too high would be encouraged. As anyone at any stage can show progress.

    So, if you want votes, I vote for that. Zaphod chooses a Fungal Growth winner each month - if any of the entries are worthy - in his opinion.

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    Default And the Winner is....

    CHEEBA!!!! Awesome flawless Minotaur!

    Go check it out

    Linky Link

    Thanks everyone!

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    Cool a very worthy winner!

    Spooky thing is that I managed to pick 1st 2nd and 3rd place in correct order!

    I am a very happy orkydave, finishing 6th overall with 2 votes for 2nd place! Will be sure to enter next months too, great fun!!

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    So... How do I find out how my piece of crap did? Do you just show the top 3 now? I was looking for a link and couldn\'t find one to the rest of the entries...

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    If you view your own entry, it will tell you how it fared overall.

    In the case of your \'piece of crap\':

    Poll results:
    Number 4 overall.
    First Choice: one vote
    Second Choice: 2 votes
    Third Choice: 3 votes

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