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    Default Voting is ON NOW!

    Go ahead and login to vote!

    Dave, not sure what is up. I cannot log in at all from work for example, but I can at home. Did you switch ISPs or anything?

    Perhaps it\'s time to change the location of the images to here...

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    Last day to vote!!!!

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    Default And the Winner is...

    Blood for the Blood God by Franciuus. Very close behind was Wren\'s beautiful girl.

    Stop by and give his entry some Cmon love

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    Not been able to enter for ages but seeing September\'s gallery is up I\'ve entered my Hasslefree Female Ninja. (People seem to like the \"water\" base.)

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    Default Article: Voting Open for GT 62

    Glyn (Zaphod) Evans
    My painted miniatures...

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