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    I have no idea what this is, so it should be interesting to assemble.

    It looks like a gun Torret for this ( front wing):

    Shot at 2007-07-29

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    It is a Tau Gun Drone. You can see what they look like by following this link.
    I think they look pretty cool

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    My stuff came today and it is absolutley fantastic!!!! loads of cool bits, will get a photo up tomorrow

    Thank you!

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    ORKY wheres the pics
    its been two days.
    any hoooooo thought after all that the time we\'d see them the day you got them.

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    Originally posted by BaT

    An orge...I think
    @BaT: I didn\'t see anyone else clear this one up yet, so: that guy is Morg N\' Thorg, an ogre star player in Games Workshop\'s \"Blood Bowl\" fantasy football game; you can see him in the GW online store on this page here.

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