Article: 69th GT Winner!!!!
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Thread: Article: 69th GT Winner!!!!

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    Default Article: 69th GT Winner!!!!

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    Default Alrighty Votey Vote!!!!

    The polls are open for the March contest! Go ahead and LOG IN to vote and comment!

    The April folder will be up soon

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    Awsome minis this month, except for that crappy

    The c&c seems to be a bit lagging though...

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    Default WINNER!!!!

    Wren has won the 69th Golden Toadstool with a fantastic Barbarian from Darksword Miniatures. Please check it out and leave a comment!

    The new album is up and ready for April!

    Thanks to everyone for playing I will try to get more on the ball, and then we may get more entries and votes!!!

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    Default Article: 69th GT Winner!!!!

    Glyn (Zaphod) Evans
    My painted miniatures...

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