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    Awesome! I am nearly finished my second mini this month (I know it\'s a friggin miracle) though both are gaming quality. I may get one of Ian\'s Trolls finally done as well so I can pick and choose. Feels good to touch brush to METAL!


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    Is it appropriate to offer C&C on a GT contest mini during the voting?

    I\'d thought about commenting on everyone\'s entries for November, and I wanted to this month, but I didn\'t know if it would be frowned upon.

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    By all means! That used ot be one of the big thigns with the contest, but can prove quite time consuming. Just remember to be constructive is all Same as commenting here I suppose. If folks don\'t want comments, they can say so but I can\'t see that being an issue.

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    Hooray! I have entered again!!!!

    I present a Newbold Trollgrim Cornerman as my entry this month

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    2 days of voting left!

    The January album is up as well!

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    Default Last day of voting!

    Last day to vote in the December Toadstools!!!


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    Default Winner!!!

    Well, it seems the winner for the December contest is me! Thanks for everyone who liked my Trollgrim and voted!

    The comments are always awesome as well, so keep up the super work!

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    I demand a recount!

    Congrats on a well deserved victory after your \'break\' from entering. Looks like I\'ll have to step up my game...

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    Thanks! Hope I can get one done for january.

    I\'ll have to step up too. Why not

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    Default Article: 66th Toadstool Winner!

    Glyn (Zaphod) Evans
    My painted miniatures...

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