Arakan the Duellist rules???
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Thread: Arakan the Duellist rules???

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    Default Arakan the Duellist rules???

    I recently got Arakan the Duellist for the Lions of Alahan. My version is German and the one on Rackscan is French. My girlfriend roughly interpreted the German but I\'m still none the wiser as to what the specific rules are concerning his \'hiding cloak\'. Can anyone tell me what exactly the cloak does?

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    Here\'s the google translated text: (still some grammer errors, but you get the rules now.)

    Arakan is a mysterious and dreadedcharacter, the history which surrounds its cape is more still. When he was a youth he was one of the best mercenaries of the Duke of Cadwallon, the city of the robbers. It is said that he would have had the cape with its employer then... but no one other the two of them knows the truth. At any event, the head of Duelliests is worth from now on very expensive in the most dangerous city of Aarklash.

    The cape of dissimulation takes the colors of its environment, making it possible for Arakan to become unperceivable. No gunner can take him for target with Medium or Long range. To be able to be charged by an adversary, it must be the figurine nearest which is not committed. This ability does not affect if a noncommitted figure is with range to charge this enemy.

    The Cape of dissimulation is reserved to Arakan

    P.A. 25

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    It\'s not too far off what we had, but it does clarify what the rules are. Thank heavens for translator programs.

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    Drac Mac Syro is actually taken from a painting by Paolo Parente that was used for a Conan comic cover several years ago (well before Drac Mac Syro was done), so I assume it was originally done for Conan; Rackham simply removed the cloak that the Conan cover depicts. I still have my Drac Mac Syro sitting in a drawer - I\'m too afraid to mess it up!

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