Article: Miniature Mentor announces Reaper DVD
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Thread: Article: Miniature Mentor announces Reaper DVD

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    Default Article: Miniature Mentor announces Reaper DVD

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    Excuse suny (miniature mentor boss) he is a bit excited ^^

    Reaper movie will be film in the end on march, and lot of others big project are in preparation.
    I\'m just waiting for monique to make a first version before being film lol

    Normaly i think that the next DVD will be on the website in March weeks . I think it\'ll be about skin, white clothes or others things...

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    I have this fig, been wanting to paint it for awhile, even attempted a few times. Think I\'ve stripped it about 5 times now. I wanna do it justice, so I think you got yourself at least one customer here lol

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    so much news from this fine site!

    keep m comin

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    I gather these snipets of news we keep hearing, will be the $5 downloads we were promised for subscribing??????

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    I\'m waiting on the sidelines for now to see if there are updates before signing up.

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    They are nice tutorials, but i notice all are big models. Will there be any normal-sized minis?

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    actually the tutorial that\'s up right now is of a wolfen model that is 28mm scale. Granted he\'s a bit big because he\'s a monster, but he is \"normal\" sized in scale.

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    Default Article: Miniature Mentor announces Reaper DVD

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