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    Absolutely! Hopefully, by Christmas, i can enter too LOL

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    Just to clarify mate, we now have up to the end of the month to enter as opposed to the 25?

    Got an entry to upload and was worried I had missed the deadline

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    You bet! I am going to try to redo the rules page tonight as well (time permitting)

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    Default The Vote is on!

    Go vote! LOG IN and vote

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    Default and the Winner is....

    Wren! Beautiful angel Wren! And a very close win too

    Thanks everyoen for participating!

    Remember to add your two cents to the Fungal Growth Think Tank in this very forum, and remember, you can enter right up until the ened of the month.

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    Hi Jonn! Thinking of entering?

    Please do

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    Default Article: 63rd GT winner!!

    Glyn (Zaphod) Evans
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