Article: 58th GT Winner!!!
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    Me too! And yes, the date is the 25th.

    Seems the folders have decided to become reordered. I\'ll have to fix it this evening at home.

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    Come on people! deadline day is tomorrow and theres only 2 entries!!!

    I seriously doubt that only 2 minis have been painted between march and april!!

    Get posting!

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    Your battle cry is working!

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    My internet was cagey last night, so I can\'t start the poll until after work today.

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    Default VOTING ON!!!

    Okay everyone can go andd vote now!!!

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    I shall end voting tomorrow as I was a day late opening the polls!

    Thanks all

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    Default Winner!!!!

    Congrats to Avicenna for winning with his outstanding 90mm Thrud from Heresy!

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    And also to third place too, what an entry that beauty was!

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    Default Article: 58th GT Winner!!!

    Glyn (Zaphod) Evans
    My painted miniatures...

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