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    Well 6 entries now... Just waiting for Aliengod to fix his entry...

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    I had very briefly posted one, but pulled it down when I remembered it was painted a bit before the time period. I should have something for this month, though!

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    Umm...I do you vote?

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    Voting will be up tonight...

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    Default VOTE!!!!

    Alright voting is OPEN!

    Golden Toadstool Site

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    Hello! Just voted on February\'s competition. Can I enter on March with something I just finished?

    EDIT: Just uploaded my pic, hope that its ok...

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    If it is the tank, it looks good, though you must adhere to the two angle photo limit.

    It is easy to create a \"painter album\" should be obvious from the site... You can add all the details and views you like in there, and just mention them in your write-up.

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    yes, I changed it. I hope that its ok now!

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    Haha I got second again just like I thought! Congrats to the painter of the Dwarf, I knew you\'d come in first, and my voting for you made sure of it!

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    Default 68th GT Winner!!!

    Indeed! The February winner is Aliengod3. Very close votes this month! Good job everyone

    You can vote for his Dwarf King right here on CMoN!

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    Default Article: Time to vote in GT68

    Glyn (Zaphod) Evans
    My painted miniatures...

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