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    Default Image Status???

    I was at \"My Pictures\" page today and noticed one of my mini\'s status was \"reported\", and it wasn\'t coming up with the rest of my pics in My Gallery. What does this \"reported\" mean?? There\'s nothing wierd or controversial about it, it\'s just an Eldar Fire Dragon. And I can\'t find an explanation of statuses anywhere. Another thing which needs to be added to the FAQ page. And what\'s this \"reported\" mean?? Help???

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    If your picture doesn\'t load a pre-set number of times, the image is automatically removed from rotation so that we can check if it\'s still live. The host you were using for that picture was most likely responding very slowly. It\'d be a better idea to upload pictures directly here, if you can keep them under 100k.

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    Default loading time or rotation

    How long does it take on average for pictures to be put in the rotation?


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