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    I had the pleasure of trying out the newest addition to the Necrontyr force, brought forth to us by the imaginative Forge World group: the Necron Tomb Stalker. As I awaited the model (it is in transit now) I used a stand-in mini with these posted experimental rules. My opponent, who is a long time Tau player, had nothing short of complaining to say about the rule set for this new mini at first. A monstrous creature that is immune to most of the Necron vulnerabilities that is capable of moving through cover and fleet, +2 attacks on the charge... all the while blasting away with two gauss flayers at a mere 195 points cost - I understood dearly his complaints.

    What is presented on paper and what is done on the battlefield are two very, very different things. The nicest thing about this mini is that it was short work to earn back it's points cost in battle. After the Tomb Stalker performed two extremely lethal assaults my opponent was able to isolate it completely and blow it to slag with high strength bombardment, however, all this did was accomplish counter-assaults from my awaiting Tomb Spyders and Wraiths. Despite all this, I did end up losing as I neglected all the objectives and turned my attentions on murder and mayhem (which was amassed in a ludicris fashion).

    I posted all this as I wanted to make some Necrontyr players aware of this beasty monstrosity, and perhaps generate tactics-based conversation - or hear from the opponents' side of what they think of this thing!

    In short, this is a mini that is essentially a nigh unstoppable murdering juggernaught that really brings the terror of the Red Harvest with it.
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