So Who\'s in the CMON contest this time?
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Thread: So Who\'s in the CMON contest this time?

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    Default So Who\'s in the CMON contest this time?

    Between my duel entry, daily NMM practise, local comp entries and various other painting activities I\'m doing my first CMON entry.

    Now a lot of people on threads have siad they\'d like to enter but don\'t have the time. So who is entering?

    Plus what are your plans for the mini (don\'t give your game away but a little hint maybe;) )

    I\'m having extreme trouble with this mini due to its size (or lack there of!) but I am gonna knuckle down to it at the weekend and get some stuff done. I was thinking purple maybe? Whats everyone else thinking about it?


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    Well I just got mine, but I must say I am not fond of the sculpt at all... Sorry Gael! I am sure a lot of folks love it :D

    I picked up the Waywatcher from Masquerade at the same time, and wonder why we couldn\'t do a figure like that instead :D

    In other words, if I get suddenly inspired, I will enter.

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    Default get to work...

    Originally posted by ZaPhOd
    I picked up the Waywatcher from Masquerade at the same time, and wonder why we couldn\'t do a figure like that instead :D
    Hurry up and paint the Waywatcher. I have had that fig for some time, and need some ideas to I mean pay homage to....;)

    No, I won\'t be entering in the contest....

    I have way to many minis that I need to attend to before I start buying new ones....:(

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    Default Well, I\'m entering...that is....

    ...if I can finish my sculpted demon in time.

    ZaPhOd: I have to agree with the lack of inspiration with regard to the chosen sculpt. Sorry Gael. I just finished painting Christina\'s face and it WAS a challenge!! Especially the eyes!!...Very poorly sculpted! Trust is not easy making her face look beautiful.

    On the good side, Gael, all the detail, blanket roll, saddle, horse, leather bags, strapping and such, excellent attention paid...these were a joy to paint!:D

    She will be going into a small, hand-sculpted vignette.

    Good luck I wish to ALL entrants of this 3\'d CMON Contest! May you inspire us with your works of art!!

    BTW: Where and when do we post our finished pieces? This is my first contest.


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    Well I\'m planing on entering, but I have serval problems. First I really not found of the ridder so I wasn\'t very inspired when painting her, The head of the ridder was a nighmare to do so not a great job there. The horse looks really great and I just gor started on it, really nice horse. I\'m planning to do the whole thing in dark tones mainly dark blue and black, and in real metal. My other big problem is that I can\'t for the life of me take a decent picture of any of my minis it just dosn\'t work !! So I\'ll try to borrow a better camera and see if it\'s better. Good luck to everyone

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    This is my first contest.
    You\'re kidding! I thought that you would have entered a comp or two before now. Well I hope that you enjoy the fun of this one.
    EDIT: Love the new Avatar! ;)

    I\'m entering (Like, that\'s so much a surprise!), but as yet haven\'t touched her! I\'ll need to do a little thinking first, as I\'m not as enthused with this figure as I was with the Amazon.

    Having seen the WIP on the horse from Klute I think we\'ve got a serious contender there. :o

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    Default I\'m getting there.......

    :D I\'m more then half done with mine, but need some time and thought on how I\'m going to base her. :rolleyes:

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    I\'m having a hell of a job with my 2nd version of her. My cat knocked Christina v1.0 off the table to a very flat and grizzly death and I can\'t remember how I did any of it!

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    Originally posted by ZaPhOd
    Well I just got mine, but I must say I am not fond of the sculpt at all... Sorry Gael! I am sure a lot of folks love it :D
    I was going to enter but when I got the figure I was a bit underwhelmed by it (or them, as I bought two, DOH!). The figure is a bit flat and two dimensional. Detail isn\'t too bold and crisp either. Also have to admit the obvious Rackham style armour doesn\'t look great. Gael can sculpt better than that. Oh well.

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    \"Having seen the WIP on the horse from Klute I think we\'ve got a serious contender there.\"
    Many thanks but there is a reason you dont see the rider.As pointed out above she is a real bitch to paint.The eyes are so sunken I challenge any one to get them straight.Mine has a serious lazy eye at the moment.:o

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    Tend to agree with Glynn & Faye on first impressions, Sorry too Gael. But I\'ll reserve judgement till I\'ve got her undercoated

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    I\'m really Sorry :(.
    In fact, I have made an little error on this mini.
    When I have sculpt it I have thinking that the casting are the same than in France. In France, it was a first step is a cold casting without pressure (so greens did not suffer damages and it was no deformation by pressure). With this master mold, some copies are cast in a very hard resin (greenstuff is soft and is a little compress by the casting). And it is the copies that are used to do the product mold (the same prosses than in the USA).
    It is certainly because of that, that the mini is a little bit flat, and the eye difficult to paint. Since I have know the problem I exaggerate a little the thickness of the body and the details like the eyes to compensate the mold deformations.

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    I wouldn\'t worry about it. Considering the number of great minis you produced a half a mini (the horse is great) gone wrong is no big deal :D

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    Its not the quality of the sculp thats got me,its just the difficulty in painting it.
    I wouldnt hold the sculptor responsible for the mini being hard to paint.Hmmm that doesnt sound quite right,I know what I mean though.I dont sculpt or even convert so Im no expert.:D

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