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Thread: How long do you spend painting minis?

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    Im trying to paint minis faster... but otherwise Im taking too much time to paint them... right now I\'ve been occupied for the last month or so with 1 dumb diorama....:p

    its really killin me

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    Default the blinding speed of a constipated tortoise

    it takes me about 5 hours just to get comfy, music, snacks, drinks, fan/heater, fluff pillow etc. before I can pick up a brush:Plol

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    Default the amazing speed of a 3 legged constipated tortoise in a tornado

    I must spend around 20h on a mini (I know, you would not guess so :mad:) and that spans a lot of weeks since a painting session is usually:
    • Get the paints out
    • Start looking at the mini to remember what the next step is
    • Go feed the screaming baby
    • Return to the painting table
    • Clean up the mess made by the 2 bigger kids while I was feeding baby
    • Holler at kids for making a mess in my minis
    • Go play with crying kids to make them forget I shouted too loud
    • Return painting, start a highlight
    • Go to the computer so my wife can show me that beautiful ring by Mikimoto, no it can\'t wait
    • Go to dinner
    • Clean up the paint that dried during dinner
    • Go to bed, too tired to paint

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    For me it deoends on the Miniature how long it takes me to paint it. For a Wolfen for example I need about 30 to 40 houres.


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    A long time, both in days from start to finish (usually about 1-2 weeks) and hours (usually about 20).

    I wish I was faster.

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    anything from 5-50+hrs depending on the mini in question, never been a speed painter probably, why all my armies are only half finished lol


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    well i have a short attention span. I normaly spend about 2-4 hours on 1 mini. If it takes any longer i get bored and put it aside. ...
    Maybe thats why i have sooooo many unfinished ones.:idea:

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    Originally posted by airhead
    Not near enough to get a good score, but way to much according to my wife who thinks I should be painting the garage doors instead of dragons. Go figure.???
    Easy way out of that! You\'re an airbrush artist. Paint a Dragon on the Garage door.
    ( When you\'ve done yours post it up on CMON and then hop over the pond and do one for me!)

    Back to the subject though: Depends on the figure, both of my highest scoring post here were done in a reasonably short space of time. One in an afternoon, the other done over an afternoon and the next morning.
    But when I\'m painting I have no distractions. (ie no kids, and we live 150 miles away from the nearest relatives! :D) I have a dedicated painting room (pig sty) in to which I retire at a weekend and can generally stay all day (bathroom breaks not included) So that\'s anywhere between 5 - 8 hours.

    One thing that I think helps is the pre-planning of a mini. If I can visualise the expected end result, I can then just dig out the colour palette I want to use and work through that. I\'m content if a mini takes a couple of days to paint (Sat/Sun), but it doesn\'t bother me if something I\'m working on for a competition or a commission takes longer.

    The figure I\'ve just completed is the Two hand axes Beastman leader (GW) and this really took a number of weekends to paint, but in total about 12 hours. (it\'s not posted yet) this was due to the fact that I had to repaint an area and there were some moulding faults which weren\'t apparent until I\'d put a colour coat on them.

    To be honest here I think that you\'ll find the likes of Jen Haley, ZaPhod, Goatman and Cyril have developed their ability to paint fast over time. I\'m not intending to get that fast, but as long as I can get a good quality finish to my mini\'s I\'m not bothered, and I don\'t see why anyone else should worry about the speed that they paint at either.

    As long as the painter is satisfied with the end result then what\'s the problem? :D

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    I spend about 2 weeks painting one on average, although that\'s factoring in the pouts, sulks, whining fits, painters block, periodic rages and subsequent repair time that afflict me and my mini\'s. :)

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    I spend way to much time with so little results but I am hoping to hone my skills, for I see that there is teaching at the Grail Quest con buy one of coolminis own for the mini painting and, we are going (my hubby is a GM, as I am writing he is going to need a black dragon for his adventure and is sucking up to get one painted in time )
    I can not wait to get some help. I am gald kind people take the tome to teach thanks :wow:

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    I look above at my post and the hedge wizards are not but just lowly members.
    I do not know how avatar has the whole admin thing under it. I changed my user name to represent my gallery and my avatar but what the heck? I know we have just started a forum on our web page and maybe this has something to do with it.

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    As long as the painter is satisfied with the end result then what\'s the problem?
    The problem is that I\'ve bought 20 minis in the last month and painted 1... I\'ve been doing that for years now... :o

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    A typical job takes 6-8 hrs depending on the complexity of the fig. If it\'s larger scale say a wolfen, other 54mm+ figs, or mtd, maybe 10 hours, and if it\'s a LARGE scale piece, 20-40 hrs isn\'t out of the question. If it\'s a very special piece or competition, the numbers can double or triple.

    And, I usually paint every day for anywhere from 2-4 hours (weekdays) and as much as 10 hours on the weekends. Yep, I\'m a junkie.

    And, even with all that time spent, I buy \'em a lot faster than I paint them. Buying minis is fun all by itself ... buying & painting them are almost like a separate hobbies. ;)


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