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    Excuse me while I pick my jaw back up off the floor....Great Work!!!

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    Awesome!!! @ Aschul: I guess he meant the horses in the big wave.

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    Fantastic, the only thing I miss is Frodo.

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    absolutely fabulous, nothing more to say...

    Great job

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    COOL.... actually Very COOL

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    My only gripe isn't with the quality or inventiveness of your terrain at all. I'm just wondering where poor wounded Frodo is at this point.....?

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    Very very very very etc...good !

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    I learned Lots about terrain material. I thank you for sharing

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    Awsome only thing: when painting the water u could have used a better shading process with maybe blues~!

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    I'll give you only 7 for this water. In the beginning, I was thinking that diorama isn't finished and you are going to finish it. But when I read that water is already painted... You should paint it in blue, not white. The water-horses can be whiter then the rest of river, but not ideal white!

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    Since when the water is so white? :|, the part of the horses heads its OK, but it can´t be as te same colour as the rest of the river. Also, the Arwen mini si extremly white too, why? does it reflect some kind of white light? as Fundak I thaught it wasn´t finished painting...those two thngs arte the reason of my score, it need more blue in the water and lots of colours in arwen.

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    This is the most realistically shaped moving water i have ever seen- the fact that it is rapids means the white coloring works well. Did you consider making a mould of the plaster and using resin? Now THAT would be amazing

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    Great stuff. I understand why some of the others have problems with the water colouring, but to me it looks exactly like glacial melt-water straight off the mountains.

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    super mais ca orais été mieu si il avait été fait en plus petit mais good job!!

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    Super rendu

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