Article: Mastering Hard to Use Colors
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    Hey great article. Especially the White!

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    Thanks for the tips, especially the white (the hardest colour to use IMO). I just finished a couple of Stormtroopers that I'm not really satisfied with, precisely because the all-white armour was so hard to do properly.

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    Hi! Thank you for this article. Obviously you are very fixed in GW products and especially in GW paints. If I had read this article in my early painting time I would have been faster better. But today I must say that these coulours are not my hardest colours (It may be since I dont use the GW paints at all). But it is still a good article.
    Thanks Krudd

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    Thank you for the article, you gave me a couple of good hints to try.
    I'm always happy when I learn soething new

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    Interesting and useful, though I'm not particularly enamored of the GW paints so the actual colors are a bit of a mystery to me. Perhaps you could give a general equivalent too? (ie. blue-green or pale-yellow, etc.)

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    With your method for yellow paint, I'm going to start my Imperial Fists. One big question though, I thought highlights were usually done using a drybrushing technique. Do you use drybrushing here?

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    Great article. I will have to try out the yellow now.

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    Very useful, top notch!

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    Default Article: Mastering Hard to Use Colors

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