Article: Painting Tyranid Carapace
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Thread: Article: Painting Tyranid Carapace

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    Nice and very useful & practical article. Thanks for sharing it with us

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    Great tutorial, I plan on trying it out on some plauge ,arine "hooves" but I am unclear to what the "thinning medium" actually is...

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    The thinning medium is Plaid paint floater. You can get it at any craft store that sells the large bottles of craft paint. You could also use future floor wax.

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    I have a bad rep with painting bone, but now I think I'll do better. Thanks Menelker

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    I wish I'd found this two weeks ago. I just went through a long and annoying process of experiemntation and wound up with an alomst identical technique.

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    Excellent information. Cant wait to get started on my carni )

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    Oh man, I think this article is going to be the bane of the bone scheme in my army. Great work, this is the kind of article I like to see!

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    great article! I love the final result and you didn't leave behind any important aspects. Everyone could read and understand this article. Thanks! -Erik

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    awesome!! love the result, only if i could get my hands on those non GW paints

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    Looks pretty tough to do (*ahem* advanced *cough*), but I think it'll work for the scythes and hooves of my army... thanks for sharing!

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