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    Panza, great explaination with excellent diagrams. Simple, very clear and understandable, well done.
    One for the next Annual. Cheers Darkblade

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    Very informative, thanks a lot! I've been wondering about this myself, and I'll have to try it out. Excellent article!

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    Many thanks, that has just put my fevered little mind to work. (Again!)

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    ehh why my thing didnt go through the first time i dont know.
    But this is definitely very good, and i will have to print and use this.

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    Very clear and understandable - not common in an explanation of NMM

    Is it just me or is the right side picture of the 5th diagram upside down?

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    Nice job Panza Simplicity itself...might have a bash later meself!

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    This is the article that made SENMM click. Thank you, the light is now on. There will be less guesswork in any of my NMM.

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