Article: Polishing instead of Painting metal (ie "Real Metal")
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Thread: Article: Polishing instead of Painting metal (ie "Real Metal")

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    Default Article: Polishing instead of Painting metal (ie "Real Metal")

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    interesting way to make metal, but I think it's sort of good and interesting

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    Thanks for sharing this with us, and don't worry, your English is just fine!!


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    This is a technique used in 54mm and 90 mm historical miniatures but this is the first time I see it applied on a 30mm miniature.
    The results are really good, thank you, I'll try it!

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    Wonderful! Thanks for the article!

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    Great article. A question though. How do you (did you) get colours other than silvery metal (such as the gold areas of the sample mini)?

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    instead of using matchsticks u can get hold of a fine metal scribber (used in rubbing/etching foils) from your craft well for instant shine. Great tip on the Tamiya clear color. I too am not happy with just plain oil washes

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    Thanks for a great article. I do have one question though. Does the polished effect dullen quickly as the metal oxidises? Guess I'll try it to find out.

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    well thinked and well done; the look of your minis using this technique is natural and different to the rest of the people`s

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    Thankyou for the information...Can't wait to try!

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    You might want to try using very fine sandpaper (400 grit or higher). It seems to be easier on the hands and will still give you that mirror-like shine.

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    what a strange thing...i like it!i want to try it!

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    ive done this on 1 models sword, but it has afew scratches. i used this set which has a small attachement to polish with. it works very well and am very pleased tho the scrathes are annoying. 1 thing tho, if paint goes to the edges of the normal metal. then the paint will start pealing, so you will need to secure it with a small amount of varnish

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    COOOOOOOL !!! This has solved all my problems with metallics

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    Looks like real metal because it is real metal, i'll have to try this...

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    Looks like real metal because it is real metal, i'll have to try this...

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    Hey Manu.... is it ok for plastic minis?

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    I love this technique! For the last polishing you can very well use a piece of suede. This works very well =)

    But one question: How du get into the small edges of that griffon. I had big problems polishing such small corners

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    That's pretty awesome. I've seen people use that technique before, but it's never looked that good. I see polish makes all the difference.

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