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    Great article on technique but need to see it done on a mini and not a photo program to really see how well this works. Having the white/light end in the cracks may make a mini look like it is shaded/highlighted backwards.

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    @Necron I'll take some Pics, as soon as I can borrow a Cam. atm the Cam's owner is on holiday unfortunately
    Thanks for all coments!

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    Okay ya proved your point, that looks awesome.

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    Anything that leads to greater understanding is
    to be welcomed.

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    Superb article!!!
    I would say that the bright white you use is not the best way to finish the muscle.
    my suggestion here will be the pink with a dot of white at the end.

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    Yes your right! Meanwhile I tend to use Ivory instead of Skull White.
    The photos don't show the real impression of the miniature, for the white comes out much too my Gallery you'll find a better pic =)
    Thanks for all comments!

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    Thanks for the great article I was looking for a this post. I want to make a warmachine Raek with exposed muscles and bone

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    I remember when this article first came out. It was a great idea back then. I am about to use it now for an upcoming project. Wish me luck.

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