Article: Painting a Golden Demon Flying Hive Tyrant
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Thread: Article: Painting a Golden Demon Flying Hive Tyrant

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    Default Article: Painting a Golden Demon Flying Hive Tyrant

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    Thank you for the insight from a Tyranid master. I DO like the way you do your carapace.

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    YAAA!!! I saw this one at Games Day and loved it!

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    Thank you for the great insight, this was very informative, as you really took the time to list the important colors and painting steps.

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    How did you make the scything talons? (love this piece so much I ordered one from Forgeworld to do for myself!)


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    I love this, I think I`m gonna buy a cheap Tyranid to paint it for a Online Painting Competion. But can you please explain the Triangle technique to me a bit more?

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    Love it! Could you please explain the technique on the armour a bit more to me?

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    Forge World has scything tallons now for it. But I think it is only for the walking one. I made my tallons out of Sculpty and filed them down to the shape I wanted.

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    Here is the more in depth article on painting the armor.

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    I think I'm gonna crap my pants....I want to paint one of these so badly right now ( Just to rub it in the face of a tyranid player in my local venue)

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    One word: unbelivable!!!

    You deserved the first place!!!

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    That is the best painted tyranid model ever! end of!

    U rule all.....i am a mere mortal oh great one

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    Excellent on all accounts. Congrats on the well deserved win.

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    Wow thanks forthe great article, I will have to try this out myself. Now where can I find this Floating medium that you talk about?

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    The floating medium (extender) is used like water to thin the paints and make glazes. Winsor-Newton also makes one called Flow-Aid that works very well too. Folk Art makes extender also, it can be found at Arts and Crafts store.
    Thanks for the comments all!

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    fabuleux. J'adore l'aspect des plaques osseuses. Et le socle ne gâche en rien la beauté de la figurine.

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    Nice Article - Nicer Mini

    I may start Tyranids soon & recently did a Saurus Oldblood with a Similar (But not as well executed) method.

    This article will help me take my method to the next level. Thanks again & congrats.

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    Fantastic article, fantastic painting! Thanks!

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    Great article, and fantastic figure.


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