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    Neat idea. I use a drop of CA (super) glue instead of blue tack. Pops off easy at the end.

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    This is very similar to what I do. I put a dab of glue on to the lid and then stick the base on it, I never keep the bottle. Does that work better than just a lid? Blue tab would probably work better though.

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    nice method, straight forward and to the point

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    I use a similar method: Blu-Tack on the bottom of a film canister.

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    I like to use a small testors paint bottle, it fits conviently in the hand and its lid fits inside most plastic bases so you glue it lightly to to the inside bottom of the base/metal tab
    As its glass its nice and heavy and therfore stable.

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    i use an old pepper container with uhu tac since istarted painting
    the best thing is that you will not take of the new painted parts by rubbing them

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    Spread the word! I use the same method, with some minor tweaks. I fill the bottle about halfway with kittylitter, to weigh it down. Also, I keep only 3 bottles around, prepped like that and about 10 to 15 bottlecaps, with slottabases superglued to their tops. Whenever I prepare a mini for painting, I either slot it in the base on one of the caps or I glue the tabless mini to the base. This way, I can easily switch minis, to suit my painting mood. It also works great for assembly line painting (3 at a time). Wrap some masking tape around the bottles though, especially when you have one around on your desk you actually drink from; kittylitter really doesn't do much to quench your thirst...

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    Am I alone in just holding the mini by the base? I genuinely don't see any advantage to this, but perhaps I just have dainty little fingers or something.

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