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    "You've done a sterling job sir." You've taken the right tone to touch on subjects very difficult to do in todays Political Correctness atmosphere. Many Congratulations on an excellent article.
    I can't see why you've picked some of the examples though.

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    Most excellent article, I would be surprised in anyone finds offese! Keep up the good work and I look forward to more of your great articles!

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    This is a great article. You did alot of homework on this. The only this I would like to see is a follow up unsing you colores on the metal figures themselves or even just a face on a mini. Very good work.

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    Excellent article Chris and a very valuable one too.Very well set out as ever.

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    This is a really good article, in particular you caught my attention on red heads and darker skinned individuals. I'll be referencing this for a long time I believe. Now just to get all the damn VGC and VMC you referenced .. grumble.

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    Beautiful article Chrispy! The use of skin tones and color combinations have been bandied around the internet for years, but I don't think anyone's ever done such a comprehensive listing of all the major human skin types, with paint # references to boot! Definitely on my "must use" reference list.

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    Excellent! I am fortunate enough to work in a very milti-ethnic university environment and thus see many different coloured people every day, but this is a very useful article from a painting standpoint. It's worth noting that some South Asians (India/Pakistan/Bangladesh) are as dark as medium-skinned Africans, while some are as light as Mediterranean Europeans. Also, if anyone knows how to paint VERY dark Africans - you know, so dark they almost look blue - share your tips. That's a skin tone that'd be really tricky to paint, IMO, but is also very beautiful.

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    Great article, very helpful not least because I use Vallejo almost exclusively. As for the 'Romanian' section that particular skintone belongs to Slavic peoples. As you quite rightly note this skintone is found mainly in the Baltic states down to Romania, Slovakia, Hungary etc.

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    Excellent article... what keeps me from giving it a 10 is that I just can't find those theories applied to any mini (in this article) a copuple of empiric examples would be great.

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    Exactly what i was looking for..thanx

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    Great article very useful...would have been ten if pic examples on models but a lot of work done anyway.

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    Great! The spanish girl model reminds me of another forum member, heheh.

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    Very useful! The Mediterranean girl has chocolate brown listed twice tho...

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    Brilliant tutorial! This is really helpful and interesting. Can't wait to put some of these techniques into practice!

    Only thing I'd like to mention is that you really should add Denmark in the list of Scandinavian countries... it is not only the oldest country in Scandinavia, it is the oldest country in the world. Just a thought...

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    Wow - I love this article!

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    Amazing article, one question though. Would you suggest staring from a white basecoat or black, for the skin tones?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Craken View Post
    Amazing article, one question though. Would you suggest staring from a white basecoat or black, for the skin tones?
    I always start with a white base coat, but skin is mostly lighter in color, so you would anyways.

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    I'm going for a native skin tone. I usually start with a black undercoat for my models, but they usually have armor. Thanks for the info.

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