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    Its easier to wet the cleaning cloth when you have those channels

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    Hehe, I'm still not sure why the channels had to be filled? Cool idea though, I hate how the paint spreads out on the wet palette, i'm always fighting to keep it seperate.

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    Not all channels are filled, only those that seperate the wet area from the dry area, i kept them on the wet area to allow me to spread the water easier

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    Or Alternatively you could purchase two pallettes from your local hobby shop,thus giving you one for wet pallette.This would have the advantage of being less work,and would mean you could use your ice cube tray for...well icecubes maybe..

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    This is a good idea. But you can buy ice trays without the channels. I just went and bought two for $1.00. I'm ashamed I didn't hink of that. I use old 2 litre Pepsi bottle tops to hold paints in when I'm cleaning my reusable pallettes.

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    I use a cd for a pallet. Been waiting to put those free cds u recieve in the mail to use for a while...

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    Nice idea, I always used Sportlife packages. They're a bit small to hold water but they're great for paint.

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    I use comic bags with a white backing board inside. The non porous bags keepo the paint from drying too quickly, paint peels off easily for multiple uses, the white background gives you the truest sense of the colours your using, they are cheap and sold in large quantities. In addition to this if you want to record your blending steps you can file the bags like paper for future reference.

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