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    Default Article: Objective Markers

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    i think this article is quite useless... no offence but you could write simply "gather some bits, glue them, then paint them"

    It would be so nice if u did a tutorial that explains how to scratchbuild markers WITHOUT bits, using various home materials (and you can find A LOT of useful bits in ur home).

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    Brilliant yet simple. You could also make a crytsal base like you did as a marker.

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    I like it. You have reason, many people use strange thing to represent Objective Markers, it's good to give the idea to make some nice Objective Markers, the game will result more beautiful and interesting

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    Good use of bits. I would of liked to have seen more different types of markers as the tutorial is a little too brief. Any chance of doing an example of the whole range of markers? Thanks for sharing.

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    Would have been nice to show some more examples - but nice idea

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    i always like to se objective markers..

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    I will update the article soon. I did it brief to see what the other people wanted. I'll try to update it by July 15.

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    Great Idea and now Robin off to the bitsCave.

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