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    I sculpt, I paint on canvas, I went to school, yada yada. Considering all that I ask you. What's so great about art? Art is largely useless except for decoration and much of modern "fine" art fails even at that and becomes little more than static philosophy. I think you can call it art but you can also call it craft and I use craft here as something that can take years to develope the proper skill for and can achieve as much and sometimes greater levels of beauty as any art. Sometimes minis do become art but those minis are more related to assemblage sculpture than game pieces and are no longer usable for their intended design so I'm not sure you can even consider them the same type of object as a game miniature.
    I'd say minis rank closest to Kustom Kulture in the art world and like those works they usually don't cross over to art until they become impractical for their intended use so they are no longer truely the objects they started out as. So I guess I'm saying that painted gameing miniatures are not art but you can make art out of them but then they are no longer gameing miniatures.

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    how dare you even question weather anything is art you have no right to do this. You put fascist parameters on what art is. I was insulted by the article that you even questioned this fact ANYTHING can be art so please keep your books out of it and your ridiculous writing to your self no matter how well written and philosophical you think it is (its not)

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    The Question is: Is it important to be art?
    I paint on canvas and painting minis is freetime for me. And I enjoy it.
    I had to think about this question at another area. I do graffitti and there's the same question going on. Is graffitti art? So this is what I think:
    For me Art is something that falls into some (or more) of this criteria:
    + Gives the Viewer some kind of feeling/emotion (most important I think)
    + Gets the viewer to discuss about it (f.e. the above mentioned "Fountain")
    + makes a statement (political, social,...)

    So considering this its not important on which base this is achieved (sculpting, painting, graffitti, dancing, singing,...).

    If a mini gets you to think, feel something besides that its beautiful/ugly painted...then I imagine its art. But as said in the start, is it really important? So have fun!

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    I think something your missing is instead of trying to difine art as a whole, defining it in its areas. For example conceptual art is firstly interested in the concept and the point it is trying to put across and the physical manifestation of that has only the concern of putting this point across beauty and asthetics shouldnt come into it. Then there is a police sketch artist, the title defining them as an artist. There main concern is the acuracy of there "art" with no concept other than to produce an image of a suspect. Art is extreemly subjective and as you say almost impossible to define.
    You wouldnt expect to see a mini in the tate but that is not to say some of the mini painters are extreemly artisticly talented altho what kind of art if it is at all art they produce remains almost impossible to define. I agree with Dragonsreach in that it is art and it is not art.
    There is also scultping and painting to consider, it could be argued that the painting side of it is nothing more than glorified painting by numbers but that the sculpting side is worthy of the same acclaim of david. This is not my view but it is something to consider i feel when trying to define mini painting as an art in such a closed context.

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    Miniatures are generally kitsch and immature. There is a good reason why the hobby has generally stayed out of popular culture and is instead adored by ignorant Philistines, following some delusional ideas of "cool" and "dark" images, that are simply masturbatory and insulting to good taste.

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    As opposed to the "Fantasy Art" which derives from the same subject matter, images, and background as the miniatures? Or the self indulgence of many modern artists? Or the hedonism of many classical artists?

    Face it, the subject matter doesn't make it art or not. Not that I can say what is, just that a painting of someone as 10 years younger, more virile, and without flaws or blemishes makes some classical examples as "masterbatory" as miniatures.

    Besides, painting figures with a broad brush misses many of the details.

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    Well, isn't this "Fantasy Art" as much kitsch and masturbatory as our beloved miniatures? ;-)

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    While I genarally agree that the painting of minis is a form of art - I would generally say that it more closely approximates the "boy with a stick" idea. The person is imbuing the figure with whatever idea he or she has regarding the , basically generic, item. In that respect its more of a creative process than an artistic process. Sculpting a figure is probably more representative of an artistic process as you are starting with nothing and creating a representation of your idea(l). As far as it being accepted as a "legitimate" art form by the critics - that is something that only time will tell. As a tattoo artist I remember when my chosen art form was not considered as such - but now days galleries all over the world regularly present displays of tattoo art as art, and many galleries sell tattoo related designs at sometimes very high prices. Maybe if our "hobbies" weren't found hiding in our basements or gaming rooms - and instead were displayed in "galleries" or museums - the "art World" would recognize them as being something other than what they are to us ( which is usually an icon to represent a battle group in a war game , a way to populate a scene {dioramas} or a way we chose to spend our idle time trying to be as creative as we can).

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