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    Good Job! Pics are good, instructions pretty clear. I also like the explaination of the green putty at the end. I need that stuff! How does it work on gaps in bad molds? I have somebeautiful sculpts from Gamezone that have huge gaps where the parts fit together.

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    Squadron Green Putty works really well on small gaps and join-points on models. I find it much easier to use than traditional green stuff for this kind of gap filling. However, if you are wanting to do any sculpting with this putty stuff... DON'T. It wont work for that. If it's just filling in a smooth gap. It works great. Like I said it sands down really quite smooth and only takes about 30 minutes to fully dry.

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    good tut

    @ DaN you mean like plaster

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    Cool, Real Easy to do! Thanks

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    Love the article Im planing on using it for a Orc shaman. Great stuff green putty is never thought about basing though!

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    Default Article: Easy Desert Bases

    WARNING: Painting all of your miniatures may lead to death.

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