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    I will keep this at a 10, since it is obvious that MM wants the advertising...
    While I disagree with MM writing a commercial in response, I do want to chime in support of the way they make their product, and the release schedule. While I too have been waiting a long time for my RMM video, I am a subscriber, and have been happy with the release schedule. There HAS been a new video posted every 60 to 75 days or so, which makes the subscription not much of a savings, other then I can download the videos on the go, which is great, as now I can watch them at work as well, where I don't have access to a USB to plug in a storage device. I also agree with the way the shoot the tutorials. To show every mini from start to finish would be redundant, and this way they can focus on the specific techniques of painting, and not on single projects. As a painter who has been doing this for awhile, I find this much preferable then a step by step, or a basic overview like PP's video entry. Between the MM series and Jeremie B's video, I think anyone can have a very strong position from which to go out and create.

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    I was more interested in the product (despite it's seemingly high price) until MM posted their sales pitch. When will companies (large and small) understand that if you open yourself up to criticism online-you're going to get it. And the fact that they took the time to write a response without addressing ANY of the issues brought up in the review makes them look pretty bad. Too bad it's not on Piratebay.

    Oh and great review!

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    While this review is good, I cannot vouch for the product it's self, well the actual company to be more precise. I have cataloged my disapproval extensively. I would hartely recommend getting Jeremie B's video over this. I am not a subscriber anymore, I as I canceled in disgust. But kudos to Noxpredor for this and the other video reviews.
    Pity mm chose only to quote the few positive comment, but that isn't surprising as they ignore you if you have a problem

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    I have a subscription to the MM video series... and I believe it is well worth the money. Downloading the videos is a little tedious but it beats waiting for the DVD to arrive in the mail.

    These videos have increased my skill 100%... I love the two sculpting videos and I hope they make more Airbrush related videos with Mathieu Fontaine.

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