Article: How to make a Lava Themed Gaming Table
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Thread: Article: How to make a Lava Themed Gaming Table

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    Default Article: How to make a Lava Themed Gaming Table

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    looks good. love the osl, brings it to life

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    Thanks for reminding me. I added the estimated prices in.

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    If one was extra clever, one would make the boards "line up" in multiple ways to further increase the number of configurations (8 layouts from 3 boards, I believe). It looks like you've done this but I'm not positive.

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    You are correct. I will add that into the text though. Thanks!

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    That is an excellent article. I very much enjoyed reading it and seeing what materials you used. 10/10

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    Great article and fantastic result !

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    Some nice techniques in there - and relatively quick. Could have done a couple more things to make the overall effect a bit more effective. Otherwise - this would be a nice board to play on.

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    Would looks very cool if it is fielded with well painted modells, like salamanders, khorne daemons, an so on...
    It is a very nice article, have good feeling of the board but it is a littlebit emty, need some details, looks bit boaring without these.
    I would take here some partitially burned branches to make some new surface, some altars from styrofoam with marks of the gods.
    Thanks for sharing, sorry for me,too long comment.

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    I did make templates for some burnt out trees, I just have not gotten around to making them yet. Once I do I plan on adding them to the article.

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    Very good tutorial. A simple but very efective board, and very playable. Score: tutorial 10 + board 6

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    You can also get the foam online at
    I have had a few requests for locations to get it at.

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    some people are never happy....has he labelled it gaming board for the poor? has he named it interchangable board? no, so have the decency to rate it for what it is and have a little more respect for someone who has gone to these lengths to produce a very high quality and informative tutorial, it looks great and I'm very impressed score 15.....if I could

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    i wish i had of looked at ur table top before i stared making mine. That said i thing your table looks class. How long from start to finnish. i`m only 1 week in and allready it feels like there is no end to it.

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    Good work! I have to get back to my terrain projects someday, I use much the same basic technique, without the caulking. I used some other medium, Gusso would work along with a number of other things that dry hard.

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    freakin sweet!

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    This is pretty helpful! Everytime i play with my friends they see this and there like "Whoa dude!"

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