Article: Weathering Tank Treads With Pigments
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    Very good article. Can you then seal the miniatures using Dullcote or something similar?

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    Thanks! I always enjoy sharing pigment tips with folks. They're really very easy to use and I hope more folks will give them a try.

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    @supervike: I'll update the article with tips on applying varnish presently. In short: a very light application of matte varnish, just enough to hold the pigment in place, is ideal.

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    WOW Thank you for that! I've always been considering pigments and this might have pulled me over the line of ordering them.

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    @A Luna: My pleasure. I recommend either MIG or Secret Weapon pigments. While I'm willing to admit the bias I have for Secret Weapon I have used six brands now and those are the only two I still use on my models.

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    Good art shops sells the raw pigments used to make custom artist's oil paints. A 100gr baggie costs something like 4.00EUR, depending on the color and pigment type. Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre, etc.

    For cheap metallic pigment, one can just used scraped graphite powder from a pencil lead

    Good tutorial btw!

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    @Yarok: If you do pick up pigments in an art shop be sure to check out the micron grind - it varies widely and anything over 50 microns isn't really usable for models. You also need to be sure that the pigment doesn't contain cadmium, mercury, tin, arsenic, radium, lead or other hazardous materials. Last, but not least, it's important to know what percentage is pigment and what percentage is addition.

    With a graphite pencil you can usually get a fine enough powder if you use the edge of a hobby knife.

    Of course at 4.00EUR I still say you're better buying pigments that have been tested and packaged. You'll never use 100g of pigment.

    Thanks for the comment - much appreciated!

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    WoW ! What a nice, clear tutorial and great info here in the comments responses.

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    Default Article: Weathering Tank Treads With Pigments

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    Yeah , you made my mind up for me too. No more painting weathering. That looks great and will do the job for my IG and WW2 stuff. Great post.

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    awesome job, but did you use the secret weapons miniatures pigment binder after applying the pigment?

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