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    Ever had the dream of being a ghostbuster? Of course you have. With InSpectres, you get the chance to be a supernatural investigator and eliminator. But, is it any good?


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    That does look interesting. I'm going to download the freebie and give it a go.

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    ok ARG ...........why is there not a pin-up of "The Witch" on the wall behind you .... just a skanky sword trollop o.O ..where are your standards man!

    Hinton is there a place where all your reviews can be found in one spot?
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    @WP: I'll work on getting some different posters.

    All of my videos can be found at YouTube on my channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/HintonBE?feature=mhum

    They're listed under 'Uploads'.

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    Cheers Hinton; Beccas (Boris) was talking about this last Sunday when Twosoc and I were over at Sheffield.
    DumbAss that I was I automatically made the assumption that she was saying 'Inspectors'.

    Looks like I'm heading over to pull down a copy for myself.
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