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    Whilst I\'ve seen quite a few minis for confrontation I\'ve found it hard to find any information at all on the background for the characters / world etc.

    Since the figures are so evocative I\'m really interested in finding out more about their backgrounds - could anyone point me in the right direction?


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    Default provides English translations of the rules and background.

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    What army are you specifically looking for? I\'ve read and translated a lot of rulings.

    So here we go:
    Wolfen- The largest Predators on Aarklash. They have no humanity, they live only to protect their forests. Their god is Yilia, the moon who controls the water and keeps the threat of fires away from the woods.

    Mid-Nor Dwarves: When a Dwarf dies, it\'s soul is taken by a demon of the Despot. The dwarves of Mid-Nor share a hive mind, they are totally serviant to the will of their master. Germs and Infection will cause the skin of the dwarf to decay, which the demon cannot heal, but must stitch the skin of their victims on to themselves. When a Mid-Nor dwarf is killed, the demon remains and the sorcerers of the despot can make constructs from it\'s heart and Canopic Doll, the Harvesters are one of these.

    Lions: The humans of Aarklash that have a blackpowder level of technology. Their strength lies in thier abilty to overcome change.

    Griffons: Griffons are a zelot faction of the Lions. They worship the god of Iron and Fire, Mer. They are totally immersed in their religion, becoming fanatics. They believe all magic and miracles come from Mer.

    Dirz: The Alchemists of the Deserst Dirz, known as the Scorpions are frightening to behold. They all use their genetic wrping drugs to enhance themselves. Their prime goal is to take the best of every speicies and incorparate it into themselves, the Keratis Clones and the Tigers are part of this project. Their magic relies on the meshing of metal and flesh, Technomancy.

    Acheron: The Cult of the Ram seek to overthrow all in ther wake. All fear the mindless puppets of the undead, and it is even whispered thier god, Belial, has awakened again. The necromancers lay in wait... every body of their enemy adding to their strength.

    Orcs: The youngest race of Aarklash, the Orcs are the sons of the Jackal god. They are a primative, shamanistic race. What they lack in technology and numbers, they make up for with brute force.

    Goblins: The children of the Rat God have learned many things from him: how to spread quickly, the indivdual does not matter, and how to bite, nad bite HARD! There are three goblin castes: the Naids, which take the size of a small puppy. These are the slaves of the other two. The No-Dan-Kar goblins are the normal sized goblins, which lack strength but have tamed trolls. And the Mutants, which look down on all other goblins like Naids. The mutants come from the Dirz projects.

    Keltois: There are two barbarian clans: the Sessairs and the Drunes. The Sessairs live in harmony with animals and nature, asking the elements for help. The Drunes gave up thier souls long ago to a dark power in return for strength. It was foreseen that a champion would reunite them in an age of confilct. Now is such a time....

    Cadwallon/Mercenaries: Cadwallon is the city of Robbers, built on a lake. Here, all races may do business with one another without squabbles. The upper houses are ruled by the nobles, by the lower sewers are run by the King of Ashes, Sophet Drahas.

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    Hows your French Ithilmere?

    The Archivist has a really nice map and some other goodies, but it can be rough if your not good with the Gallic tongue.

    Rackscan is a little easier to navigate and alot of it is translated into English for convenience. The majority of background information is going to be in the form of flavor text on the cards, so be prepared to sift. It\'s a great site though with lots of concept art you won\'t find anywhere else.

    The official Confrontation site is not so useful for background but is the first place to see new figures and concept art. Again it\'s rough for non French speakers, but worth it. Also, if your willing to pay the shipping, you can order bits and pieces direct from Rackham through this site.

    The Confederation of the Red Dragon is the official fan club for Confrontation. Membership is 16 Euro but they get nifty stuff like their own limited edition figures and exclusive previews of new figures. It\'s also in French. Background wise it\'s the same stuff that comes in the rule book, a description of Cadwallen and the basic race/force profiles as Chrispy described.

    There are plenty of fan sites out there, mostly in French, but also some in German (my German is crappy, thus I can recommend none of them) and English. Be sure to follow links and you will find something to interest you.

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    The full background for the world of Aarklash will be released with Rag\'Narok. Rag\'Narok will have two books of around 200 pages each, one devoted to the rules and one to the background.

    Rackham promise it will be released right before or right after New Year. Just think Franch gamers have been waiting 5 years for it...

    Of course, it\'s going to be released in French, but Rackham are indeed increasing their support of you Anglo-speakers...:D

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    Okay, I gotta a quick question which I can probably answer myself... If each rac has a nemisi, e.i.. Griffons hate Alchemists, Lions hate Undead.. then what do orcs and goblins hate? Maybe the orcs hate the Drune Keltois and the Rats of No-dan-kar hate the mutants? Couldn\'t be the Dwarves of Tir-na-bor, cause they hate the Mid-nor dwarves... Hmm...

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