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    Default Do you consider photo quality ...

    ... when you rate minis? If the quality of the photography is poor, do you drop your rating?

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    Not as such, but if the photo is poor enough that I cannot tell how well the miniature is painted then it will definitely affect the rating.

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    If it interferes with object perception then yes, definitely. Se, my take on this is rather simple: you just spend hours to paint that single mini, if you cannot be bothered to spend 10 minutes and make a picture of decent quality how it is my problem? Of note, if this is WIP picture then it is less important - it is not always possible to cmbine painting and camera set up in the same place.

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    In a quick reply to your question, YES. I do consider that Photo quality affects my voting.

    A longer reply is that I'm, a touch 'analy retentive' about how my own miniature look in photo's.
    So if there is a poor quality photo I have a tendency to be less appreciative of the work on a mini that could be quite decent.

    To me respecting your work as a painter of miniatures means that the level of work applied to the photograph should be equal to the amount of effort put into the painting, otherwise you're demeaening your own effort.
    Please note however that I'm not saying that serious amendments in PhotoShop are to be applauded, quite the reverse.
    All that you should ever need to do is ensure that the levels/colours are correct and that the picture isn't too big.
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    You shouldn't have to be the Yousuf Karsh of 28 mm to post here, and I know not everyone has the luxury of shopping for a camera with mini photography in mind. I was lucky to find an inexpensive camera that takes decent macro photos - the voter can see every flaw and rough blend on my work and vote accordingly Conversely, if a photo here is so blurry, badly-lit, or overly-Photoshopped that I can't at least guess at how good the paint job is, I probably just won't vote on it.

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    I guess my simple answer would be, "How can you not?"

    I understand that this is not a photography forum, and many would consider photography a necessary evil to display their minis, but the photo is the only representation of your work we have to evaluate. If I spend 50 hours painting something, I think spending 2-4 hours taking pictures is sensible. I find that taking pictures from lots of different angles and w/ different lighting actually lets me see the piece in ways I never could when I was "buried in the painting details."


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    I don't consider it actually, guess I'm in the minority around here. If the photo is very bad and I can't really see the mini properly then it probably does affect the rating a little bit but I wouldn't care if the pics are not perfect, decent is fine. I, of course, rate what I see in the photo so if the photo makes the mini look worse than in real life then it affects my voting.

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    Of course EVERYONE takes into account the quality of he photo, because it is the only thing we have to judge a figure by on this site. You say you dont take it into account but it is impossible not to, you can only judge what they see you can only see what the photo shows.
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    yeah, i dont spend hours looking at a mini before i vote, first impression is important and a good photo sure helps.

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    Agree! How should I judge a mini if the photo doesn't show the painting properly? I prefer good lighted photos, so I can see what shadows and highlights are painted. You often see very dark miniatures on a dark background, so how should I vote for such a mini? The shadows MAY be painted but are likely really shadows.
    All the other fuss like creative background or fancy titles are nice and may round up the overall look but if the mini is crap it doesn't matter at all.

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    bright backgrounds are soooo 2005 lol... well, im one of these which prefer dark background to my darkly painted miniatures, i think it do add more atmosphere in the image- that do not mean i use poor light when i photograph. the real shadows or not problem is equal in photos with light backround (not all people are fotoexperts like you crackpot)

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    Must correct my last statement: There is NOTHING wrong with dark backgrounds! But dark background combined with a dark / poor lighting just won't work, except you want to disguise your paiting.
    AND I am by far NO fotoexpert (wish I were...)

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    I tend to rate dark photos lower because I see it as a blatant attempt to hide the details of the mini. Any mini can look good against a dark background with minimal lighting, plus that set up creates an atmosphere for the mini that is not intentional but is judged by the voters as "great atmosphere". I like bright photos with extreme close ups so that I can really see the details and the work put into the blending. If a mini has a real close close-up picture and the blending is still mind blowing it deserves a good rating.

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    I go to the effort of using a light box/macro when i photograph miniatures then tidying up the image to get a clear photo that shows the model well.
    My voting is based on comparison to my own standards of work so a model that is badly photographed is not going to score well as it makes it difficult to see

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    everyone likes a good big well defined photo, myself included however not all of us are "david bailey" so i take that into consideration when voting on a picture and for the most part would comment that the picture lets the mini down rather than voting it down, if somethings obviously taken a lot of time and effort then the credit should still be there. aliengods argument for the "blatant attempt" swings the other way i.e it works for the more skilled photoshoppist's who and i know your out there doctor the images they post like its the front cover of vogue magazine..which is fairer you decide but i certainely wouldnt mark something down for instance because its been taken on someones work table rather than in a fancy lightbox. so in summary "to all who wish us well good luck, all the rest can go to...f....ind a light box n photoshop program" lol

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