rats why rats ???????
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Thread: rats why rats ???????

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    Default rats why rats ???????

    ok i need a sceem for my new rat army me i whas thing evel miky mouse

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    theme? scream?

    theme an evil mickey may be hard to pull off. enlarge the ears and two big buttons on the front of each model? the corpses of children on the bases as your warlord rides past on a tea cup? the hellpit abomination the robot/cyborg of Walt Disney from "Robot Chicken"?

    as for a scream. SQUEEK! SQUEEK! works for me.
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    nice to see you back redgreen
    an evil mickey mouse scheme?...I don't know how that can be done he is too cute

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    A bit of Allan Carrasco inspiration

    Hi Redgreen!

    Cheers, B.
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    Pants, shoes, and gloves, and you're there. Anything else is atmosphere.
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    You'll need his trusty warhound, Pluto.
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    Hm... How about a war litter pulled by enslaved children?

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