Sculpted daemon face in snow...
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Thread: Sculpted daemon face in snow...

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    Default Sculpted daemon face in snow...

    Denmark seldom gets a lot of snow. But both last year and now we have gotten lots.
    In the weekend I created this for my kids

    Carved with shovel and hands. Lit wih a few candles and there's a daemon in the front yard!
    Lots of fun to create. And fun to sculpt in this scale I might add...

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    And if they look out while it's dark, you'll have created nightmares to give them years of therapy.

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    And thus adding to Denmark's GDP. Everyone's happy!

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    Much better than Frosty the Snowman! Nice job!

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    Better than those wimpy sand "castle" sculpts any day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrome View Post
    And thus adding to Denmark's GDP. Everyone's happy!
    atta boy!

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    A day-light setting picture of the "snow-cave" (?). What is the name for it in english?

    Now, I suppose you can guess whether the picture was taken before the previous picture or if the teeth only comes out in the night!

    Who can place the art that inspiration for the creation?

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    Now you have me wondering why, as a kid, we never tried to make "Castle Greyskull".

    (oh yeah, probably because older kids smashed most of our forts at night )

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