Labyrintus 2D Print n' Play now online.
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Thread: Labyrintus 2D Print n' Play now online.

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    Talking Labyrintus 2D Print n' Play now online.

    It is my great pleasure to announce that the free downloadable print and play version is now online. It represents the long time efforts of many contributors, notably Ryan Taylor and Robert S. Lamborn.

    This version is your opportunity to play the game and provide feedback before it goes into full production.

    Expect more Labyrintus updates in the very near future including faction background info and the very first miniature for the ‘Iron Maiden’ gang.

    Thank you again to everyone for their ongoing patience and support for this project. So please, download, play, enjoy and let me know what you think.

    You can view the Labyrintus 2D Print n’ Play webpage here.

    Happy gaming,

    Victoria Lamb

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    I've always enjoyed your work Victoria, this looks like a real labour of love. And releasing a free trial is probably wise to entice those cost cautious geeks among us .

    But is it just me who gets an empty PDF when I try to download the game board?

    Edit: from this link
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    I am seeing the board when i click it, maybe your pdf reader needs updating?


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    I too have always loved your work; whenever I'm telling someone about the hobby, I always bring up pieces like Fiery Angel and Squabble if there's a computer handy- it wows them every time! (And don't get me started on your Spanish Inquisition warband!!!)

    Good luck with the game; if I have time over the upcoming break, I'll give it a whirl!
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