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    Hi all,

    I posted a couple of mercenaries that I sculpted at the start of the year and just painted up for Cavalcade for their Dragonblood line. The figures are meant to be used for ShadowSea, a game I just finished.

    For the armor, I went with NMM for the first time in many years, using some Liquitex flow aid to help with blending. It really did help quite a bit, which makes me think I should have used it before for blending. Oh well, maybe I can start doing some blending instead of glazes now.

    Here are the coolmini links. The figures are actually up for sale on ebay also.

    And some links to the game and galleries


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    They're cool but the white highlight of your silver NMM aren't blended as well as for gold. But the freehand on the shield of the first guy is quite impressive.

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    great pj's. the right arms on both look 'off' to me, sculpt wise

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    Quote Originally Posted by freakinacage View Post
    great pj's. the right arms on both look 'off' to me, sculpt wise
    I know the arms are not quite right. I'm better at animal sculpts than guys in armor. These were my first full armor sculpts and the extra thickness threw off my armature scaling. I also learned some tough lessons on how not do make the arm wire. I doubt I'll sculpt much more, at least humans in armor, so at least these were fun to do.

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