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Thread: Talking about Rackham's universes + references for sites

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    Default Talking about Rackham's universes + references for sites

    Now that the company closed\in the process of closing, I can't no longer come to the official forums and ask anything about the Rackham world, sculptors, plot, games etc.

    So I wonder where is the place for Rackham refugees?
    (Doesn't look like here, I checked, most threads are from a year ago at the best cases)

    Does anyone here show an interest in the world of Aarklash? Cadwallon? the future of these world now that Rackham is gone? Is it really gone?

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    They created some great imagary and fabulous sculpts, its a shame they folded it all up. I have the game manuals of Cadwallon and Confrontation which i got purely for the art and painted examples within its pages. Very inspiring stuff. But sorry, I dont know any forums, there are bound to be some a googles throw away though....


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    Last words on the French forums before closing was that something *might* be in the work with licenses being sold to another game / mini company. Think it should take some time if it ever happens though, so don't expect anything before next year at best.

    I too find that with such artists and background, ending in such a mess is a shame... Let's just hope future comes up with something for us who knows.

    (And no fallback site that i remember of, i'll post here if i ever find something)

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    Erm surprised no one has sent you over to us. We are the old guard form all over. follow the link in my signature.

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    Thanks everyone!

    Especially Atacam.
    Why no one sent me to you? Probably because I lost interest in Rackham when I saw the big change, so when the company was falling I wasn't there to ask.
    I remember I did show a lot of interest in the background of the world but people didn't talk about it anymore. It seemed the official forums two years ago, plot\background and modelling discussions were minimal so I didn't see a reason to stay in the forums.

    thanks - now I have a place to discuss this stuff

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    I just got the fantasy flight Cadwallon board game (which I preordered from Amazon about 2 months ago) it has 20 unpainted plastic minis in it many of them based on the unreleased sculpts featured in the Cadwallon book.

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