To sell or not to sell?! :/
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Thread: To sell or not to sell?! :/

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    Default To sell or not to sell?! :/

    Hi all,

    I've a large well painted Imperial Guard Army that has gathered dust for the past 3 years (examples below).

    I'm having to be realistic as I never had the time to join a club or visit a GW to play. So I need to make a decision...
    Do I sell everything? or will I feel gutted and end up keeping everything but will always be confined to being boxed under my bed.

    What would Jesus do?

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    Well, if you don't need the cash, keep 'em. I'm sure GW will change things so much that they won't be playable again (if you're around a bunch of sticklers that is). So find a nice display case and show them off, and you'll not feel gutted about them collecting dust under the bed.
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    i got $2.5k for my ork army.....but was offered $4k if it was split up. i ended up selling it in one piece to a loving ork home instead.
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    It's hard to get what a fully painted army is worth. Because the people that are willing to pay that price will generally just commission someone to paint up the exact units they want to use in their games, instead of whatever YOU wanted to use...if that makes sense. So, quite often, you'll need to wait a long time for the right buyer to come around OR discount the price a bit.

    But, if it is just sitting around and you're never going to use it, it's not worth much to you. I mean, it's value or worth has not changed, but what YOU get out of it by keeping it is nothing. In a sense, getting anything at all for it, is a bonus, if you look at it that way.

    Hopefully you can find a happy middle ground somewhere in between. I can't help you decide what to do, but keep in mind, the longer you wait, the less it'll be worth. Especially if GW nerfs something or releases better models of something or removes it completely from the codex, etc. They do it quite often...

    G'luck, whatever you do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuietiManes View Post

    But, if it is just sitting around and you're never going to use it, it's not worth much to you. I mean, it's value or worth has not changed, but what YOU get out of it by keeping it is nothing. In a sense, getting anything at all for it, is a bonus, if you look at it that way.

    Another way of looking at it is that it costs you nothing to keep them under your bed. So long as you don't need the cash to buy food of course. The situation to avoid is that of selling the army for a handful of magic beans and in 7 years really wanting the army back.
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    I have sold all my hobby stuff, twice over! A mistake I hope I never make again. I regret parting with the models I spent literally weeks of my life painting, collecting and mulling over. It's a sentimental thing I suppose, if I hadn't sold my gear the first time I would still have the first ever model I bought & Painted (assuming I didn't end up selling it in the second sell of a few years later). Selling my gear was a move I always regret. You never know what the future holds and sometimes things pop up that make gaming a reality. Hang in there.

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    If it's just going to be packed away in storage I'd say sell it. You might want to keep a few key pieces for sentimental reasons, but if it's not getting any use why not find it a good home? Especially since the rules and armies change from time to time... might as well sell it while it's still relevant. I've already sold off my collection once and am in the process of doing it again right now. For me I feel like my painting skills have advanced significantly since I finished my ultramarine army. I'd much rather sell it and use that money to start a new one (maybe Chaos or maybe a Death Korps one) that I can paint at a higher level. In a few years, when I've improved even more, perhaps I'll be doing the same thing yet again. It's nice to keep some of your old stuff and certainly your present work... but I find the next project, whatever it is, is far more interesting to me.

    Of course if you really feel a strong attachment to your old army, then get it out of the box, dust it off, and put it on display to enjoy.

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    I'd say, if you have the space and arent desperate for cash, keep it. Later in life, when you have the opportunity to game again, is when you can really decided whether you should sell it or not. If youre seriously back into gaming, and your current collection is still disposable to you (i.e. just models for gaming with) then by all means get what you can for it. If you find yourself wanting to hold onto it (i.e. not just models for gaming. There's sentimental connections there) then of course hold onto them.

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    I don't think Jesus would have an Imperial Guard army.

    Maybe a Necron one.

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