WIP: Hasslefree Ashley Campbell and Zombie Ashley
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Thread: WIP: Hasslefree Ashley Campbell and Zombie Ashley

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    Default WIP: Hasslefree Ashlee Campbell and Zombie Ashlee

    I had hoped to have these finished by now, but I'm entering into finals season, so no more painting for a couple of weeks.

    I still need to redden ZA's hair, and try to smooth the shading transitions on both figures. Ashlee's going to be on a road top, and ZA's going to be on some type of tile or flagstone floor. I think I'm going to keep Ashlee's chainsaw relatively clean and free of gore as well.

    Advice, feedback, and constructive criticism are always welcome!

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    I think they are both looking really well done. I think it could use some Gore, but I'm funny that way.

    ZA's skin tone does seem a bit too healthy. There is a difference between the two, but it's pretty subtle.

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    I think it's mostly the flash ($700 camera, and it won't let me force the flash off! At least that I can figure out) but I think you're right that a darker wash (her skin is a light coat of Camo Green...well, Americana Celery, actually, but it's the same tone) would probably be a good idea...maybe watered down Thrakka Green with some brown thrown in?

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    I agree, a bit more gore would help. Also making the skin a really pale grey/green would help too. Something around the GW colour Rotting flesh would be good for a base to work on.
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