Dark Eldar Hellion - The fall of Thamatos VII
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Thread: Dark Eldar Hellion - The fall of Thamatos VII

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    Default Dark Eldar Hellion - The fall of Thamatos VII

    Hey there,

    this was a very fast but fun work for me, it took only about a week and I tried to test some new things like new base casting technics, TM shading, some weathering effects on the glider and some other stuff.
    I didn't spent much time on perfecting the blendings on the mini or painting all little details like usually (esp. those you wouldn't see at all because they stay in the shadowy areas), I rather wanted to see how FEW and fast I can paint but also be pleased with the mini. In the end it was really fun to just paint without the aspect of "perfectionism". It was like "speedpainting" a mini in one week for me. LOL

    About the miniature:
    I have to admit I normally don't like Eldar oder Dark Eldar very much, but as I first saw these flying Hellion-things they instantly reminded me of the "green goblin" I knew and loved from childhood comics. SO I NEEEDED to get one of those things IMMEDIATELY to start painting on one of those "flying skateboards".

    Personally I am very pleased with the result of this little project especially because it "only" took me about 18 hours (6 hrs for the base + 4 hours for the hellion + 8 hours for the rider) from opening the Hellion box to the final result pictures. 18 hours for such a project is like "waaaaarp speed" knowing my usual working speed.

    The fotos were (once again) a pain in the a$$ for me. I am not 100% pleased with the result, but I don't manage to take better ones...

    So I hope you like it nevertheless and tell me what you think of it.

    Ah yeah and some votes would be damn cool too!

    Best regards

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    sweet! id never manage something like this in 18hrs...
    mini is really not for me but über painting skill and cool base. the pictures are also fine imo but the collage is a bit messy.

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    Dude that is awesome. Love the way you attached the helion to the base and its a great colour scheme.

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    very nice indeed

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    Rocked my eyeballs. Love the original choice of colour, redy type brown thing. Why did you choose that?

    And a YOUTUBE channel
    Instagram and FaceBook too

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    Yep, that's cool. Very good choice of colours looks excellent.

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    the colours work so well in this piece its excellent. Regardless of the time spent I think the details that are present are fantastic, and that nothing seems to of received an unbalanced amount of attention!

    All in all a great final result

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    Thanks for all the comments. On why I choose these colors I have to say I have no idea! Just thought brown an purple would be a good match. And for the base I wanted something that woul fit to the mini but won't add too much contrast so the whole scene would look too "colorfull". So I choose a red/brown for the base. In retrospective I would say a grey base would have been a better choice so, the hellion would better "pop up" from the base...

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    18 hours, thats quite an accomplishment. smooth work for such a short time. Something the background im not really digging though. Always good to see something new from your work bench. Suprised you didnt do him green to correlate with your love of the green goblin...maybe scuplt a few pumpkins on his hip...

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